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The treasure is almost in our grasp. Keep on it.


“Don’t have to tell me twice.” You moved quickly and quietly across the many hallways that made up the lower level, keeping an eye out for Kubo who you knew was still stalking these halls. He, however, was nowhere to be found, and within a few minutes, you arrived at a door that you believe the compass was pointing to.


Kasumi placed her hand on the door handle and opened it slowly but surely. To your surprise, not a single trap was triggered. You entered the room and closed the door, the lights came on with a flick of a switch and you were greeted with a series of boxes, chests, and baubles as far as the eye could see.


“Perfect! So many trinkets, but which one to take?” Kasumi's words dripped with avarice as she surveyed the room. It now occurred to you that you had no idea what her intentions would be with the powers she’d gain from taking any of this stuff but it was out of your hands now.

Written by The Futa Guy on 29 May 2023

Both Kasumi takes the wind amulet.

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