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You ignore the voice and bid the boys farewell after a fun evening then head back to your room and fall into a deep sleep. As you sleep you dream about running through the woods alongside a strong male wolf that neither holds you back, nor forces you to stay behind him. He treats you as his equal; for he knows you deserve to be treated as such. Eventually you manage to get a little ahead of him and teasingly taunt him with a wave of your tail before diving into the lake the two of you were heading for and swimming around in a relaxed manner. He runs up and dives in then drags you under the water and kisses you lovingly. You blink and part of you wonders why he would do that when you're a man but another part of you enjoys the attention. After a bit the two of you surface and swim around together, neither of you taking your eyes off of the other. The dream continues from there into a gentle walk through a meadow followed by the two of you reclining against a tree trading stories of past adventures.
You wake up at dawn feeling relaxed and waiting patiently for whoever is going to talk with you today, to arrive. After about two hours a man dressed in a simple leather tunic that covers him down to his waist walks in and motions for you to follow him. You slowly get up and stretch, then do so. As the two of you walk he says softly "I'm going to show you a secret trade of our people that is why we're some of the best warriors in the land. I believe a lady such as yourself would understand the importance of what I'm about to show you a lot better than most females who were raised in our tribe." You glance at his leather tunic in question and he nods then says softly "Our people are the best forgers and leatherworkers this side of the river Abeo." You follow him through the village to a secluded path. You glance at him and he motions for you to follow, then slowly leads you down the path occasionally stopping to make sure no one is following or watching the two of you.

Written by Jake Shadow Wolf on 28 January 2013

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