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“So, in order to get into our world, you have to capture bodies of humans and shift them into your forms, to be able to remain in your forms, yes?”


“Pretty much, now, we have to go find my master, I’m sure that Drakus is more than eager to find me and have me report,”


“Who is this Drakus?”


“He is our leader, he is attempting to aid those that want to find salvation in the new world, but there are some that think he’s evil and sinister,”


“Are there others, like others that are going to be possessed like me?”


The woman would let out a laugh and provide a slight grin. “You can say that, there are five of us in each group, so I’m sure there will be more, I can already tell that two of the five from our other group have already taken on their bodies, including yourself so now that is three, so two more to go!”

Written by Dalkr Moonfire Wolf on 22 March 2018

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