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Just now, your new nose picked up a very appetizing scent, as you spot a boar-man feasting on a large lizard carcass. He is short, but rotund, and has the hooves, snout, skin and tail of a wild hog, but he bears the face of a man, disheveled black fur on his face, and upon his head that goes down across his back, and covering his cloven feet. He is clad in accessories made from colourful feathers, beads, as well as large teeth and bones. You think at first at how sickening a sight it is to witness, but at the same time, the hunger excites you as you ache to simply rush in there and take what is yours. He is trespassing on your grounds, after all. Without even thinking, you rush out of the bushes, charging after the boar. But the rustle of grass and the distance apart gives you away, and the boar-man runs off.

Written by PrinceZahn on 05 October 2017

Both Chase after the hog

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