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Light gradually pierces the blackness until his eyes are forced wide-open. Gideon rubs his weary eyes and warily looks around him. Up above, three moons of varying size hang high and low in a bright purple and blue sky. Underneath him is a small bed of teal grass with strangely shaped, luminescent flowers growing in between the sea-green blades. To top it all off, it seems he’s in the middle of a forest of crimson and golden trees that are anywhere from a standard tree’s height, to that of a child, or what might as well be small skyscrapers. “Where the hell am I?”


“Clearly somewhere you’re not supposed to be here,” a male voice calls from somewhere above Gideon, somewhere in the colored leaves of the high trees.


“Who’s there?”


Written by KnightofFellsia on 10 April 2018


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