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“I don’t mind.” You stated with confidence. “When can I begin?” Strengthening your conclusion. She seemed a bit taken aback, with a mouth hanging half open as if she was just about to say something before you spoke.
“Well then! If you’d like, you can spend a moment in the hospital wing to set up your room, then shortly after, you can go to orientation. The next one is coming up in a few hours! So you can begin then!” A bright smile spread across her face.
“Great!” You said. “Where do we go?” You continued just as she began to the other side of the desk.
“I suppose that’s all for me then?” The guide asked the receptionist.
“Definitely!” She replied.
“Well then I suppose I’ll peace you both out! Onto the next clients!” he said before exiting the premises.
“Follow me!” the receptionist started walking down the hallway behind the desk. For some reason, it didn’t feel as if this was part of the hospital. To you, it didn’t even seem like a hospital from this point on, but more like some kind of social services building. The way the layout and furniture was organized seemed like it was made to relax the mind. There were some aspects of childhood scattered about; a toy station in the corner, occasional wall graphics, and even brightly colored wallpaper, displaying a simple circular pattern. The room seemed to have been designed with both the children and their parents in mind, needless to say, it even made you feel comfortable when you entered the space.
“Is this where I’ll be staying?” you asked.
“This is more of a social space, the private worker dorms are located farther in the back of the facility. You will be working across the street, and you’ll have to pass through the hospital to get here. That way there’s always comprehensive health care between you and your children” It sounded good enough to you. “On top of that, your boarding fees will be covered in your paycheck, the first month is covered by the government, so you have time to settle in and get a feel for what you’re doing.” It definitely sounded too good to be true, and at this point, your tail wagged out of control.
“That sounds amazing!” You said in a high pitched tone.
“You can do whatever you’d like with this dorm room, but you have to attend orientation in an hour, and then maybe you can try some hands on work during your training as well, just so you can get some experience in the field early. Oh and almost forgot!” She quickly turned to a tall metal storage container and pulled out a small package, just large enough for you to clutch with both hands. “This should be everything you need to get comfortable!”
You responded simply with a nod, before you knew it the both of you were at the dorm rooms. It was hidden far behind the hospital’s remission rooms, and you merely assumed it was for convenience, considering they boarded nurses here as well. Despite this, it could have been easy for you to overlook this detail to enjoy your new job, the only focus being the puppies themselves. “Please enjoy!”
“Thanks!” you replied as the receptionist left. Within the small dorm you saw a bed, a microwave, a refrigerator, a small entertainment center, a dresser, and a desk. It seemed like more than enough room for you to manage dealing with and you didn’t anticipate company.
It took a moment for everything to settle in that you finally got the job, and not only that but also a new place to live as well, but when it did you couldn’t contain your excitement. Your tiny feminine body wiggled back and forth on your twin bed as you fantasized about the impact you soon will have on younger puppies. You had an hour before orientation and there was still so much you had to do; it only became harder to make up your mind.


Written by DriftingDragon on 12 July 2021

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