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A different type of psychic cat. star star star star emptystar

After you have made your decision, you start to shrink, your clothes becoming too baggy for you. Blue and white fur starts growing all over you. You feel your hands and feet fuse together into dainty, digitless nubs, leaving you balancing on the very tips of your new feet. Your face pushes out into a short muzzle as your nose becomes small, black, and moist. Tremendous psychic power starts building up inside a newly-formed eye-shaped structure in your ears, as they enlarge and fold onto themselves, containing the immense psychic power now stored inside them. Your hair shifts into a fluffy tuft atop your head, and around your chest, a mane of fur grows around.


However, as your transformation finishes, there is one thing you almost forgot to initially take into consideration: Meowstic has different forms based on its gender! You look down at one of your stubby hands, and find that you are...

Written by Asdfjkl on 20 December 2018


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