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You turn away from the voice and look around. Your wings beat and you are soon nestled in a tree to dream the night away.


The dreams are of you fighting with a group of humans, none of which look familiar. There is shouting and you are jerked awake to find a group looking up to you.


“What are you doing up their?” Aaron says.


“It felt right.” You say stretching out the limbs before gliding down “Is their a problem with me being in the tree?”


“Well when morning came and you were not in the bar we thought you had decided to rejoin the dungeon. It was a relief to see you their so we would not have to fight you.”
You ask “What do you mean?”


“A few of the reborn decide to embrace their monster and go into the dungeon as a monster not as an adventure. Did you hear a voice?”


You nod “There was something about it though, that made me ignore it.”


“If you had followed it you would have become a monster. Once that happens we think you are gone for good”


“For good?”


“Yes we have not found anyone who has been reborn after joining the dungeon. They just seem to remain one of the bosses. Anyway we need to get you fitted out if you are to stay.”

Written by catprog on 18 April 2018

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