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“Stop sulking Jake!” Dan snapped. “Help find some clothes!” Jake sighed and started flicking
though the stores inner racks. So to her sizes Dan was staying to the outer racks. Gassen was helping
navigate the people away, leaving her with Jake for help.


“These clothes are so ugly.” Jake pulled out a black smeared slime green shirt with holes. “My
place would have been better."


“Find the hidden treasure okay?” Dan pleaded. “This shirt chafes, you understand; like bad
briefs.” Dan whispered at Jake. Jake winced and stared at her chest.


“Too tight.” Jake whispered back in rare form of understanding.


“Yes.” Dan said. For a while she had felt raw, but she thought it was just the new boobs. She
viewed it like she would her old underwear problems. Well it all become clear. Too big, things would shift or fall out the side. Too tight and it would chafe or turn you blue.


“Fine. I'll see what I can unearth from this pit.” Jake started going through the clothes at a faster pace. “Some of this is way overpriced.” Jake muttered sounding a lot like his mother. He continued to reject clothes based off their worthiness of her furriness.


“Grab some and I'll try them on.” Dan winced as he lifted his arms to grab a plain black tank from the second rack.


“Legally speaking you could go topless.” Jake said from her right making Dan jump.


“Weren't you over there?” Dan asked, how did he get over here so fast.


“Cut between the racks.” Jake shrugged. “Small's and mediums over there. Even with just two breasts, you wouldn't be a medium.”


“I have to wear something.” Pulling out an oversized shirt that looked a lot like her mom's favourite lazy day pj's. Dan was considering it too. When Jake put a hand on her and pushed it back into the rack.


“Technically you could just take off the top you're wearing. You'd think clearer without the chafing, it work last time.”


“I was also wearing jeans last time.” Dan whispered, wishing Jake would stop it. Going commando was different going around without a top. She was a girl and had to consider some things,
didn't she?


“You're a skunktaur covered in black fur. What will they see that shirt isn't already showing?” Jake waved a hand to her chest. Dan looked down to see her irritated nipples standing out from the top. All six of them. Dan cursed.

Written by psto146 on 27 May 2019

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