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By the beginning of the second week you have almost come to remember the names of each individual child. You ponder to yourself how much more there is to expect about this family, as you make your usual trip back from the lake, hauling the morning catch back home on your own. Struggling slightly with your small slippery body, your lungs take in the moist air gathered around the other village huts.
That afternoon you find yourself helping Elizabeth care for the children, your small frame struggling to hold one child. They play with the slime coming from your skin as you walk around with them, checking on the status of the others alongside the female turtle. This kind of structure in your life gives it a new meaning, to have someone else who needs you; it’s really starting to grow on you, though you constantly steel your mind about whether or not you can trust them. The young woman approaches you in their hut equivalent of a foyer, also holding a child.
“Hey can we talk?” She asks you, putting down the infant child in her arms, pulling at her hair and being a nuisance. You follow her lead and put the two middle aged children down as well. “Jase, can ya please take care a’ Piper” The older child nods.
“Right!” he replies running off with the younger child. Children continuing to run around you, eating their breakfasts, playing with sticks, practicing hunting. The stimuli really helps you clear your head on this little theoretical vacation.
“Ya been here for a while now. We been meaning ta tell ya bout a ritualistic event we have planned.” Your eyes light up in excitement, it’s about time something a bit more entertaining happens in this town.
“An event? What kind of event is it?” You ask inquisitively. She looks around at the foyer, in this moment you also notice that all of the smaller children have left, leaving only the older ones, who stand around as if to anticipate something. She clears her throat.
“Well we actually need you for something.”
“Sure, what do you need?” You reply.
“Well there’s darkness here, we need to find the source and get rid of it.”
“What… Do you mean?” You reply, anxiety causing the mucus to begin dripping down your fingertips.
“The Denizens have warned us of a curse.”
“Curse?” Your hands begin to shake as your mind races. You feel a sharp pain in the back of your head, “Did I get hit?” You fall to the ground and black out, instantly regretting the decisions leading you to this, and wondering what kind of ‘ritual’ did you get yourself caught in this time around!

Written by Driftingdragon on 09 December 2019

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