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Once the last of the spiders are gone, you take a few deep breaths and realize that something is wrong. You recall that the scroll said something about a boss monster. Just as the thought crosses your mind, you see her.


A woman that is a normal lady from the waist up and completely arachnid from below, walks out from the shadows. Everything about her gives off a dark, ominous vibe. She continues to advance until you feel the need to back up. Because of the fact that you are standing on all fours, she’s much taller than you, which only makes her more intimidating.


As much as you want to run as far away from this cave as you can right now, you need to complete this quest. You doubt that the guy from the shop will pay you for a job you left unfinished, so you see no choice but to attack her. With a sharp inhale, you leap at her before she has time to react. You manage to strike her chest and leave angry, bleeding claw marks in your wake, but unlike the other monsters, she does not die in one hit.


You jump back quickly, but not before she reaches forward and scratches your arm. The wound stings and a little bit of health drains from your bar, but to your surprise, the area on your bar turns green. She must have poisoned you! The scratch begins to hurt more and more, making the spider woman smirk at you. You can guess that if she gets in a few more attacks, you may die.


Winning the fight and getting back to town quickly is now your only hope. Mustering up more energy than you can recall having in real life, you leap at the woman and instinctually bite her neck as if you were an animal attacking another creature. As you pull away, you see that her face has morphed from a confident grin to horror. Her warm blood is on your face and that once again makes you marvel at how real this all feels, but this time you feel more afraid than amazed.


Moments later, she disappears as all the monsters before have. You are relieved that she is dead and your quest is over, but now your health bar is filled with green almost to the halfway mark. Hopefully, the guy at the quest shop will be able to heal you quickly before something bad happens.


It’s hard to walk quickly with the painful gashes on your arm, but you make it back to town before the sun even sets. You can’t remember exactly where the quest store is located, but that feeling in your gut guides you right back to the door.

Written by Quuentong on 23 September 2018


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