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You tentatively reach out to touch the door handle. Your paw-like hand can grab it well enough, and you pull it open. On the other side of the door is a massive forested area, including a large lake a few feet away from you - one that appears to branch out into a river stretching endlessly onward.


You walk through the door, hearing it shut behind you. You turn and test the door handle, but find it won’t open anymore. You sigh to yourself and turn back around, then venture onward. You test the lake water with one toe - the water is cool, yet in a pleasant way. You know otters like water, and, without much hesitation, you walk in.


The water is very nice on your fur-covered body. It’s soothing to be in, and you swim around at a rapid pace. Your new body adjusts to this rather abruptly - it surprises you how fun and freeing it is to practically soar through the lake without any sort of fear. It’s fun, and diving down is just as pleasant - you feel almost at home submerged here, as if it was waiting for you.


You pop out after a moment to catch your breath.


You look toward the direction of the river leading away from the lake. You don’t know how long it is, but it appears to go left at some point, almost like it’s curving around the foresty bank. You feel it might lead somewhere helpful, but, you aren’t entirely sure.


When you look around, studying all the trees of this weird forest area, you notice for the first time that there is also a path on land - to your right, there is a break among the trees, and you can see… something in the distance, like a cave of some kind. You see you have another potential place to go.


But then, your eyes catch something below you: there’s an underwater cavern under the lake! You see that you can fit into it with ease, and it seems to lead somewhere as well.


You calmly float there in the lake, your mind now ablaze.


Three opportunities sit before you: you can follow the river and see where it leads, go on land and follow the forest path toward the cave in the distance, or, you can dive underwater and swim through the big hole within the lake.


You look from one to the other, thinking. Choices, choices, choices.

Written by Hollowpages on 05 May 2019

Both The Underwater Path
Both The Forest Path
Both River Path

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