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Most of the clubs and bars in the street had the smell of stale beer, unwashed bodies, and piss, but this warehouse smelled like incense and cinnamon. It looked like something out of the Arabian Nights. The tables were swathed in a rose satin coverlet. Instead of chairs, a pile of plump pillows in shades of pink and red overlapped one another around the tables. The red carpet was thick; when you walked on it, you felt like never quite touching the ground. The curtains were dark red, and the walls were hung with quilted silk squares in red, gold, and purple scattered with small round mirrors.


A couple walked past her, a striking woman wearing a short red dress and a man wearing a stark white shirt and a sharp jacket, but no pants at all since his lower half was that of a horse. They didn’t give her a second glance, even as Danielle openly stared at the pair as they walked past.


A whistle snatched Danielle’s attention. A woman with great wings for arms and the legs of a bird was singing on stage, her clothes seemed to have been carefully crafted for her body. A fully dressed man with the head of a fox played some strange instrument at her side, his fingers running through the strings producing an eerie melody.
Groups of men and women stood around talking, smiling, making it look like just another cocktail party. If it weren’t for the multitude of mystical animals walking amongst them.


She stepped farther into the room, knowing she was most likely going to get herself kicked out for clearly not belonging. Until that happened, Danielle figured she might as well look around.


The farther Danielle went into the club, the more attention she attracted. At first, it wasn’t obvious. She’d turn around to look at something, and she’d catch sight of people turning their face away. The closer she got to them, the less they’d mask their stares. Not that she could meet their gazes. There was something surprisingly intense about the eyes of many of the women and men.


This was wrong, she shouldn’t have come. And yet, she wasn’t running out of there.


“Well, well, well. I see Volk has found a lost kitty.”


Written by Ashley-natter on 22 March 2018


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