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You shook your head indignantly. You were done with questions. You desired answers. 


"Why is this happening? Where are we? Where's your husband?" you demanded. 


Suddenly, the tiger turned and studied you. He released a huff and beckoned for you to follow his lead. You stood hesitantly and caught yourself staring at the muscles in the tiger's back, watching them flex as he moved effortlessly. For the first time, you could smell his musky scent as it lingered by the pool. It was comforting. You told yourself that you were just comforted by his presence, by the presence of another victim of these costumes. There was no other reason for the butterflies in your stomach.


You reached behind you and grabbed your tail, holding it nervously. At the moment, you just needed something to hold, something to clench tight. You had no idea what to expect from this tiger - unsure of his motives. You had no other choice though, so you followed him behind the waterfall where a magnificent cavern lurked. You idled at the mouth of the cave, sniffing the air tentatively. The tiger must have disappeared into the darkness. 


You didn't know his name, so what could you call out? You took a deep breath before entering the den. Your paws were silent as you crept further and further into the unknown territory. The fur along your spine began to rise with uncertainty. 


"Hello?" you called out. The uneasiness was palpable in your voice. You felt somewhat frustrated that the tiger had left you behind. You had no idea where you were going! Before you could take another step, you heard a crackling sound, and a bright fire illuminated the cave. The firelight cast the tiger's shadow upon the rocky wall, and you stared at the silhouette in wonder.


"Sit. You will be safe here. I'll return shortly." 

Written by falconess22 on 25 March 2016

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