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“Don't panic.” Pammy said, taking a large hand mirror of her dresser and turning it to face Dan. Who couldn't say a word. He was stunned into silence. He was... he was...
“Cute?” Dan noticed the change in voice again. The gentle coo came out of his mouth naturally, like he had been this way all his life or should he say her life? The soft grey coat was distinctive, and his eyes seemed large and wide open. He knew right away he was an eastern kangaroo. Dan had been quietly obsessed with them for years. Smaller than a red kangaroo, he had a totally different face than them too, eastern grey kangaroos do not have those eye markers like the reds.
“My clothes are missing,” Dan wasn't upset at the moment about it, but happy to see the soft change of grey to white on his face, the blankets that covered up pretty good. He couldn't see the rest of himself. Considering everything that he was seeing he shrugged that off.
“Your feet are like that of a kangaroo's if you're wondering.” Jake said, breaking Dan's self dialogue “Yet has a human-like thighs. Feels wrong, but I bet my con money your tail makes it right.”
“Jake!” Pammy took the mirror away. Dan was kinda sad to see his new face go, but he could gaze at it later.
“Well, Jake is Jake.” Dan shrugged off his friends' antics as well, the usual, for him.
“You heard her, I'm just being me.” Jake said, Dan took note of his tongue slip, she? Did he mean Pammy?
“Shut it Jake,” Gassen said, his accent thicker than normal, showing how stressed he was.
“Dan took the worst part we ease!” Jake swung out his arm, waving at Dan. “She'll have to find out about the other half eventually.”
“Stop using that pronoun!” Pammy hissed.
“No, Jake is right for once.” David was still looking a bit worse for wear. “Dan will notice.” David leaned against the bedroom wall. “There is a clear difference between male and female. No matter what species you are.”
“We can ease him into it at least!” Pammy yelled, Dan swung his head looking between his yelling friends


“Stop it!” Dan yelled, he didn't want them to fight anymore. He just had them back to normal, he didn't need them at each other's throat. “This may have happened to all of us, but I'm the one with the big change here!” His friends all fell silent. What he was saying was right. None of them had been turned into an animal. Just him, so if he had been turned into a she, then it was up to Dan to see how he reacted to it!
“Sorry,” Pammy was the first to apologise. The boys followed slowly afterwards, not with words, but with jesters. Jake's face blushed, and he quickly turned away. David clicked his tongue, and folded his arms, but also turned away. Gassen sighed and nodded, wiping his hand with his face.
“I know how to fix this issue right now!” All he had to do was make a simple choice, it was time for them to get together. Not fall apart. Dan had to do something he rarely did, step up and take the lead.

Written by Psto1464 on 16 March 2022

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