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"I think I would like to check out the city. Learning about magic probably would involve actually using it, and I would like to keep as much as possible for creating the heater tonight."


"Are you certain?" Launia asks. "You don't know much, yet, and being among so many humans will truly test your disguise."


"I'm sure."


She nods "Good luck. I do not know the layout of the city, but I can give you a few coins to spend." She closes her eyes concentrating and a few gold coins form in front of you. "Hopefully this should last you the day" she says as she heads outside and runs off.


Well, now what. Sure it is enough but no one is going to accept gold.


Unless, you sell the gold and then you have the money to spend. But where would you find someone who was willing to buy it?


Unless this is another test? She could be making you use your powers to know where things are. Is that possible, how would you do so?


Well to change things you visualize them. So perhaps visualizing yourself going to a jewelry store will show you the way there. You visualise yourself and your concentration is disturbed by the sound of traffic.


Wait... traffic? You open your eyes to see you are in a park in the middle of what you assume is the city and across a busy road you see the jewelry store. You head out of the park and the moment you leave the boundaries of the park a wave of fear overwhelms you. You step back into the park and it subsides. It seems like the unicorn side of you is quite fearful of entering the city proper. But you can't stay here forever. Well, probably not.


You check to make sure your disguise is up. Knowing what you are facing you prepare yourself and step out. The wave of fear is less this time (or perhaps you have prepared yourself). You wait for the lights to change and cross the road. You quickly dash into the shop and breathe a sigh of relief. With the sound of traffic less in here, the fear also seems less.


You look over the store trying to find someone to sell the coins too. You head over to the counters and pick a person that your instincts say is trustworthy.


"Hi" you say " I was wondering if you could tell me the worth of some gold coins I found while out exploring?"


He looks up at you "Perhaps. Could I have a look at one?"


You nod and hand one to him. "Hmm. The markings have worn off, Probably quite old. Unfortunately without the markings they are only worth the gold they contain. " He closes his eyes and lifts his hands up and down "Pure gold though most likely or not far off of it."


"Rough guess, I would say sixty to seventy dollars. If you want I can buy a few off you right now although I would probably be only able to pay fifty a coin, and again only a few."


You hand over both coins and he nods, weighing them to make sure they are pure. and hands over a hundred.


Ok now you have money and a free day to spend it. Do you buy things until now you have been making with magic or do you spend it on amusements

Written by Catprog and Xodiac on 26 December 2014

The end (for now)
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