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“Okay let's hear it,” Dan braced herself for whatever wacky statement came out of his mouth.
“Youtuber,” Jake waved his hands in the air like a spongebob meme.
“What?” Gassen, tilted his head and looked at Jake like the mad man that he was.
“I'll search and see if there are any internet whispers.” David said pulling out his cell phone he fell to the floor to sit in a cross legged position.
“I'll cover us with the parents.” Pammy said walking away to get her phone Dan assumed. Looking over her shoulder she stopped. “Gassen.”
“I got this,” Gassen raised a hand while the other hand took Jake's phone from his back pocket.
“Hey!” Jake reached up and grabbed for his phone, which Gassen kept just out of his reach. “Just one little picture.”
“What should I do?” Dan said feeling a bit left out. Her parents wouldn't recognize her voice now, and Gassen has been keeping Jake since they became friends. What could she do like this? “Ow!” Dan got hit in the head, rubbing her head she saw her blue phone land on her lap.
“You don't expect me to look this strange shit up alone do you?” David said, giving him a confident sportsman smile.
“Of course not.” Dan picked up her phone and swiped it open after a few tries.
“Why should he have a strange search history alone?” Jake said, still jumping for his phone.
“It's called clearing your history.” Gassen said, looking pleased with himself for making Jake jump around the room.
“Okay, I called the parents. We got this.” Pammy came back in, walking with confidence.
“I think we do.” Dan said smiling into her phone, before some uncensored weird images made her face contort into a grimace.

Written by Psto1464 on 18 March 2022

The end (for now)

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