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You decided to listen to what your advisor had to say about him, even though you were slightly annoyed by his unentertaining tone, you figured it was best for your kingdom that you took the time to see this from all sides.
“Princess. Do you see those jewels on his clothes?” you took a moment to focus your eyes on the sparkling goods lining the tanned leather hides of his clothes. The red yellow and green gems shone brightly, contrasting with his bright red fur. You could see his mouth moving, followed by long pauses to allow the crowd to cheer, yet you couldn’t make out his exact words.
“Yeah. The colored ones?” you asked the older man whispering to you from the side of the stage.
“Yes. Our intelligence has known those to be the colors associated with three of the most powerful bandit sects within the kingdom.” you paused for a moment to let him continue. “We’re not too sure, but if he adorned all three of them, then he may be some kind of advocate of them all?”
“Are you sure about that?” you confirmed, suspiciously.
“Well, this is just an assumption, but we’ve vetted some of the finest individuals who would know anything about this, and something tells me that maybe we shouldn’t allow someone like that to have a platform.” doubtfully, you looked to your advisor before shifting your gaze onto the stranger, and then back at the advisor.
Yet again, you were faced with a tough decision, and your mind raced just to figure out what it was you were going to do.

Written by Driftingdragon on 28 October 2020

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