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When the two foxes were done eating the vixen sought and found another rabbit and carried it in her mouth back to the clearing. When waking past you, her tail brushed against your face. You went deeper into the woods and sat still, waiting for something to come out.


Eventually, a pudgy, brown bird flew to the grass from a tree and started pecking at the ground. You remembered what the vixen did and copied her. You slunk over to the bird on your stomach, careful not to make a sound.


You were so close, the bird hadn't even noticed you. You pounced quickly with your legs stretched far out in front of you. The bird squawked and hastily flapped its wings. You slammed into the dirt and scraped your chin in the mud.


You huffed and stood. Would you go another day without any food? You turned and headed back to the clearing where the other foxes were probably playing. Disappointed, you gave one last half-hearted attempt and sniffed the air. You smelled something wonderful and recognize what it was immediately.


It was a scent that was similar to the one that had led you to the other fox. You followed it, sniffing around the grass and trees, getting closer and closer to its location. Finally, you found it. There, lying eerily still in the grass, was a doe.

Written by Vixerlen on 28 February 2018


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