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“Daycare is my specialty. I’ve always wanted to form strong connections with multiple children in a way that would hopefully impact their lives for a long way down the line.” your pitch was clear and concise, by the look in her eye, you nailed it.
“Okay, well lucky for you, we have a recent position open.” She checked a clipboard. “That’s right… Urgent need… Yes, can you fill this spot as soon as today?” She asked you with professionalism.
“Of course!” you said. “The rest of my time slots for today and the upcoming week will be free.” You said in a clear and confident voice.
“Okay, well right this way!” She said before leading you through a side door, a thin hallway was clearly visible.
“Sure thing!” You replied, following her. For a moment, you wondered what could have been behind the large hospital door, or the adjacent side door behind you. Even the half-clear plastic doorway behind the receptionists’ desk seemed to intrigue you. “But this was my choice.” you thought to yourself silently as you continued behind the much larger woman.
You didn’t even need to formally part with the guide, he simply waved you on and left. A proud smile across his face flashed quickly before completing his rotation, but the last thing you remembered of him was his broad shoulders as they slowly rocked away from you, down the hallway.

Written by DriftingDragon on 07 May 2021

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