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Your body enters the rough carapace of a suit, the thick latex moving and rustling across your fingers as you run them along the bumpy surface of the outfit. Your arms feel tight against the firm padding on the outside of the outfit, acting as a kind of exoskeleton pressed tight against your skin for protection. You feel like a ‘human sandwich’ as you now have an Exo- as well as an endoskeleton! You shift your eyes upward to your feelers, they sprout from your head and bend at a sharp angle hanging just in front of your eyes, the abdomen of the costume hangs heavy behind you, as the tight fabric around your calves causes thin wrinkles to form around your joints.
The bright red suit fits tightly against your skin, your joints feel the rough outer layer of the material dragging against itself as you move your body around. The stiffness feels uncomfortable, though you think to yourself how you may get used to this soon enough.
You begin to feel the suit form an airtight seal around your body, now compressing you from all angles. The suit begins to feel moist, or maybe it’s your skin? Your body is being turned to mush by the suit, though you would more accurately describe it as a type of sweating, as you are still able to hold your structural integrity inside of the hard carapace of the suit. The thick plasticy material begins to stretch itself across your skin, making a kind of sizzling sound, and almost burning as it spread across your pale bare flesh. The warmth of the suit is almost comforting as it almost breathes around your body- as if it was its own living entity.
The suit begins to rewire itself with your nervous system, you feel the heavy weight of your abdomen behind you twitch as the blood begins to flow into and out of your new thorax. The joints in your arms bend and fold in a kind of soft leathery pocket, causing your hard outer shell to tuck neatly within itself. The sight causes you to shake your head, your antenna shaking in your face, suddenly becoming hypersensitive as they brush against your hardening face.
The smell of your musty room overwhelms you as the scent molecules stick firmly to the sensory organs now located right on the tip of your head. Pheromones floating around you feel almost heavy as the aromatic air hangs around you, causing you to feel a mix of anxiety and nostalgia as your body adjusts to the new set of sensory organs you’ve now suddenly developed upon putting on this costume.
The furniture around you begins to shoot up as your entire body loses mass and shrinks down to the size of an actual ant within your apartment. The floorboards now appearing as a wide and expansive stretch of a polished light brown. The place that was once your home is now an entire world of unknown dangers within an impossibly larger world. Your anxiety increases as you wonder to yourself how you could possibly find yourself making your way comfortably around your house. Your head begins to spin as you realize the repercussions of your actions, black spots begin floating around in your vision and increasing in size; they begin to take over most of your vision until you can barely see anything.
The last thing you remember is the dull thud of the cold hardwood floor slamming into your limp body as you faint while having a panic attack, the sound almost alerting your barely conscience mind that you’re in trouble, despite the fact that your numbed body didn’t even feel the impact of the ground high-fiving your face in that passage of time.
Your face pressed firmly against the ground as your eyes close, dripping down a thin stream of tears as you struggle to blink your eyes open and hold them there for a moment. The pools of moisture around your head feel cool; being the last topic on your faded
mind as the world turns black around you.

Written by Driftingdragon on 29 November 2019

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