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Daniel opens the package.


Inside is a unicorn kigu. "I was thinking it would be great. This does not look that great"


"Well if you put it on and come out I can see what I can do." the storekeeper says "beside unless you want to walk around naked I still have your clothes."


Spluttering out a protest he puts the kigu on. "Yep I look ridiculous."


"Let me be the judge of that. If you come out I will make the necessary adjustment"


He opens the door and as he walks out, their is a static shock.


"I see what adjustments we need to make" the storekeeper says clicking their fingers.


The costume shrinks onto him. He reaches down to try and get it off but it is so tight that it doesn't move.


"What are you doing?" he asks the storekeeper.
"Well I am making you fit the costume."
"Don't you mean the other way around?"
"I meant what I said"


He looks down to his legs to see they look like real horse legs. "Your turning me into a unicorn?"


"I am making you fit the costume."


The change moves up to the hips, stretching them out by taking mass from his waist. "A female unicorn?" he says.


"A mare to be precise" the storekeeper corrects him


The sensation between his legs and the growing chest tells him indeed is now the mare in question.


"Not long now " the storekeeper says


The costume stretches out over the face and solidifies into her new muzzle. The horn also becomes real.


If you are not happy with the costume you just need to find me and I will give you a new costume the storekeeper says as the store fades to be replaced by a grocery store.

Written by catprog on 01 February 2020

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