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"So, how do you like being a dragoness?" Roland asked with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.


Paul blinked, still adjusting to the fantastical setting. "Wait, dragoness? This is a dragon. I am male," he replied, his voice carrying the deep resonance of his draconic form.


Roland chuckled, shaking her head. "Nope, dearie. You picked a female costume. "


As Roland's words hung in the air, Paul felt a strange sensation sweeping through him. It started as a subtle tingling in his limbs, a shimmering ripple that ran through the scales covering his dragon form. The magical energy seemed to dance around him, weaving an intricate spell that went beyond mere appearance.


As the enchantment took hold, Paul became acutely aware of his changing form. The once unmistakably male features softened, the snout becoming more elegant, and the horns taking on a graceful curve. His wings felt lighter, the tail more sinuous, and even the claws on his hands and feet seemed to adopt a more delicate curve.


Paul, now fully immersed in the magical transformation, felt a shift in his perspective. The resonance of his growling voice began to take on a melodic quality, a harmonious blend of power and grace. His senses heightened, and the world around him felt vibrant with newfound sensations.


The subtle changes continued, and Paul could feel the enchantment molding him into a female dragon with each passing moment. It wasn't just a physical transformation; it was as if his essence was aligning with the spirit of a dragoness.


As the last echoes of the transformation settled, Paul took a deep breath, or rather, a deep, melodious exhale. He looked down at his transformed self, now a majestic dragoness with a regal presence and an undeniable air of femininity.


Roland, observing the entire process with a twinkle in her eyes, nodded approvingly. "There you go, dearie. A dragoness ready to embark on a memorable adventure. Embrace the magic within you."


Gulping nervously, Paul took a moment to inspect his newly transformed dragoness body. The scales glistened in a myriad of colors, and the wings had an ethereal quality to them. The sensation of being a dragoness was both exhilarating and surreal, and Paul couldn't help but marvel at the intricate details of his enchanted form.


"How long am I like this?" he asked Roland, a hint of uncertainty in his resonant voice.


Roland smiled, her eyes twinkling with the wisdom of someone well-acquainted with the magical workings of Enchanted Threads. "Well, dearie, after a fortnight, you should be able to find a new costume. "


"A fortnight? That's two weeks, right?" he confirmed, seeking clarity in the midst of the magical realm.


Roland nodded. "Indeed, two weeks. It'll be a time of discovery and wonder. Embrace the dragoness spirit, and when the time comes, you should find another costume"


Paul took a deep breath, the melodious exhale carrying a mix of emotions. Two weeks as a dragoness—it sounded like an adventure worth savoring. With newfound determination, he decided to make the most of this magical interlude.


"Thank you, Roland. I suppose I'll make the most of my time in this fantastical form," Paul said, a glint of excitement in his dragoness eyes.


Roland patted his draconic shoulder affectionately. "That's the spirit, dearie. Now, off you go. The Draconic Realm awaits your presence.

Written by - on 30 January 2024

The end (for now)

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