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The next morning you wake up and stretch, bones cracking and muscles twisting. You've never felt better in your life. You walk through the ship to the room with the others. They're already up and about, waiting for you.
"You look like your feeling a lot better" says the lion.
"I still want to get back to my old body, but..." you say, not wanting to disappoint them.
"I can't say we understand" says the lion " but we were not really people before".
You nod.
The lioness from before speaks up "But it is only that you are female that you have a real problem correct?" You nod and she smiles at you "We do not expect you to adjust to that overnight, but we are here for you if you need us."
You smile and the lion lets out a small laugh "Well said female".
You spend the rest of the day with the others, getting to know them. The lion is the leader and is surrounded by the lionesses. The tigers are always alone.
One thing confuses you, they don't have names, they just refer to each other by their species. You'll have to think of names for them eventually but it can wait for now.
When night comes you head back to your room and fall asleep.
Over the next few days you start getting to know the rest of the animals. You find that you actually like it there, you just wish you could somehow regain your old body. You try not to think about it too much, lest you upset the others.
Once everyone got to know each other more, the lion decides that it's time to pick new names. "Human beings have names" he says "We should have them too. I shall start" he says.
"I shall be known as Ares", he announces, after the Greek God of war. The lionesses look to each other and the one you have grown closest to leans in and whispers "I shall be known as Zuli". The rest of the pride quickly choose their names.The rest of the animals are of doing their own things.
The pride goes to the VR room and you follow them in. Currently the VR room is showing the plains of Africa
"I want to show you something" says Zuli. You, her and Ares walk out into the plains of Africa.
You walk around the Savannah and see wild animals drinking from watering holes. Lions roam and giraffes graze in the distance.
"This is beautiful" You say in wonder.
"It sure is" Says Zuli.
"It would be even better if it we could do it on the real plains" says Ares sadly.
"Maybe someday we will" Zuli replies to him, but looking at you.
You smile and nuzzle her playfully. The future seems bright."It will not be long until we have enough of us" says Zuli "Then we will be free"

Written by Ai Dungeon on 27 February 2021

The end (for now)

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