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In the long term you knew have anticipated how this would bite you both in the ass. After months of working together, only making a bit extra profit over a long period of time, your company began to go under. Barely able to even afford your third business partner, they become more of a nuisance every day.


After their attitude slowly degraded, becoming toxic and unhelpful after not receiving their stipend, you both were forced to fire them, putting you both back to square one, and even deeper in the hole than when you both had started from. The catalyst of the crippling debts you were both left in.


Not long after was when collections began to arrive, but only they were collecting way more than just your items. The four neighboring kingdoms had decided to do a gang raid on your kingdom, easily wiping out your armies 4x over. After watching your family’s courts slaughtered, your immediate family was captured; found hiding out in the cellars, you were surrounded from all sides by the enemy soldiers.


The legacy ended in the middle of the square, capitally punished alongside those closest to you- your own family. In your last moments you only focus on the crowd’s hateful spats; ringing through your ears were insults you wouldn’t dare repeat. You breathe your last breath before truly losing your head with anxiety and fear.

Written by Driftingdragon on 26 March 2020

The end (for now)
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