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“Maybe if we organize a group-wide fishing trip, then that would find a way to show everyone all at once how strange things are getting underwater.” You mentioned.
“That’s not a bad idea. We could get on it immediately!” The leader started. “And that’s not too wild of an idea for people to disregard.” He concluded, feeling satisfied with the solution you both had come up with.
“Thanks for listening. I’ll see you back when you can get it organized.” You mentioned before going off to do something else for the rest of the day. It didn’t take long for the plan to go into action but before long the leaders had discussed it and announced it to the groups. Of course, only you and your group leader knew the real reason behind what was going on. You felt sly and sneaky for it all but part of it just helped add to the rush of what you were trying to do.
Before long, everyone was off on their fishing trip and you tried your best to sneak in and out of little groups and imply to them what was going on.
“Hey, doesn’t it feel a bit warm to you over here?” You truly did start to feel the temperature gradient and how weird and different it was compared to what you had already gotten used to. It was a bit eerie as you went around, but before long, you really did convince the others of the strange happenings going on. Nobody seemed to know why, but it was clear that the ocean currents were changing and somehow it even seemed like it was being done on purpose.
Soon, a big blaring sound started to ring out underwater. Everyone started to dart around in a panic but crowd mentality caused everyone to continue acting irrational. Honestly, everyone seemed to be swimming about except for the members of the other group. There seemed to be something they knew that you all didn’t as well. Still, you had a bit of confidence that your plan would get people to know that something was wrong. Though at this point, you started to get the idea that something was really wrong and at this point maybe it was too late for you to have done something.
In the last moments of your game, just before it reset, it kind of looked as though some of the other seals were guiding the dark shadowy figures coming up beneath you all, picking off your pack members one by one until you too were lost in the surf- almost even swept away, deep under water by some kind of force unknown to you.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 03 November 2023

The end (for now)

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