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Meanwhile in Daniel's realm several researchers were pouring over the data in the memory banks of their teleportation machine. As soon as they came into the facility that morning they knew something was wrong and after a short diagnostic they realized the machine had been activated but had not resolved its teleportation cycle completely. When they looked through the coordinates the information they found was something they had never seen before, which prompted them to do a full study on the recent logs. After a little less than an hour of their investigation however a new program booted up and the machine's dynamos charged themselves once again.


The researchers scattered to places of safety as once again the machine flashed with an intense light that illuminated the room before the overload killed the lights and plunged it into darkness. Everyone waited silently for the back-up generators to kick in, and once they did the overhead panels flickered to life once again. As they cautiously made their way back into the central testing chamber they quickly saw that they were no longer the only ones that were in there. "Oh my God, it's Daniel!" one of them shouted as they all rushed toward the staggering human.


"Wh...where am I?" Daniel asked as he looked around in confusion.
"You're back in the lab," a female researcher said as they helped the staggering scientist down to one of the nearby chairs. "The machine misfired and tried to teleport you somewhere that didn't exist, but luckily the failsafe kicked in and brought you back."


"Brought... me back..." Daniel said before his eyes lit up in realization. "I remember now! I was flying through the air with a device I had been working on when I suddenly lost control, and when I came too it was like I was a passenger in my own body and this 'Daniel' was there and he met Rylac and then... he didn't want to leave..."


The other scientists looked at each other in confusion as what sounded like a growl escaped from Daniel's throat as he looked at all of them and pointed back at the machine. "Do you humans know how to operate that?" he asked, which caused them all to nod. "Good, we're going to reactivate it and I'm going to rip that thief out of my body and reclaim it as my own, even if it's the last thing I do!"

Written by Serathin on 28 March 2017

The end (for now)

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