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"Yes, I shall eliminate this usurper, and ensure the safety of your kind, at all costs," you pledge.


"Then good fortune be with you, and we will meet under better times," Vralylth replies in turn.


After exiting the cave, you immediately take off towards the town, and arrive in the dead of the night, when everyone but the guards would be sleeping. Then you quietly approach the front gates.


Amazingly, the guards seem to have fallen asleep at their posts. You take advantage of this good fortune and slip in.


You make your way to the castle in the distance. The front door is guarded, but you spot an unguarded tower at the far end. It spouts an open window, but it is near the top of the tower, and the guards would surely notice anything flying up.


It's a long hard climb to the top of the tower, using your claws to dig into the gaps between stones, and you often have to use your wings to support you. But at last, you reach the top of the tower, where you clamber in through a window.


Unfortunately, you apparently chose to climb into the mage's bedroom. Clumsily landing on the floor, you make enough noise such that the mage stirs but luckily stays asleep. You now know why the tower was left unguarded - the mage can take care of himself easily.


However, you still have to make your way across without waking up the mage, or all hell would break loose. Or you could back out and find another entrance.


What do you do next?

Written by drakrrth on 11 December 2008

The end (for now)
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