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Daniel slips on the tiger costume with ease. Why am I doing this? This is so embarrassing… and… girly!


The costume begins to feel less like clothing and more like skin. For some reason, Daniel’s neck begins cramping. No amount of stretching or flexing would make the cramp go away – in fact, the cramping became worse.


Daniel’s spine began to tingle, cracking a bit as his shoulders became less broad. What is going on?! My body! It… it feels…


Daniel’s face began to morph. His cheeks grow fuzzy and cat whiskers, like needles sprout from his face. His face is truly becoming the face of a white tiger.


It did not stop there. Daniel’s body changes. His chest becomes swollen with female breasts. Immediately, Daniel gasps, but is unable to move.


No… why can’t I… oh my god! My… my hips!


Daniel’s hips widen, curving femininely as his legs turn muscular. The costume’s fibers are changing, almost fusing to his body and becoming his new skin, becoming fluffy. The fur… it was suddenly… his own.


What startled Daniel the most of this bizarre, strange transformation was not the animalistic ears
sprouting from his transformed head, nor was it the long, luscious tail sprouting from lower spine, swishing back and forth with ease.


What startled Daniel the very most was the absence of what made him a man. His manhood. He could feel it shrinking, cramping his pelvis and pulling at the muscles and tendons inside his body.


Buckling over, Daniel feels for his manhood… and feels nothing there.


“God! What is going on!? Who are you! Why are you making me do this?!” Daniel shouts into the dark.

Written by Sparrow the Wolf on 05 May 2015

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