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It takes you a moment to notice the perky B cup breasts in your chest and with some panic you noticed that your crotch had been changed too. You became entranced by your own image, exploring your new body with absolute wonder.
“Danielle, are you up?” Your mother was chirping up the stairs.
“Yeah,” you yelled through the door, your own voice sounding strange to your ears, heart throbbing as you tried to hide yourself.
“School is in twenty minutes, honey. You need to eat something today. If you keep skipping breakfast your feathers will get weak.”
Her words trailed off as you tried to process what was happening. Did she know about your change? How did she know that?
You pulled on your favourite pair of jeans only to find them to have been modified to accommodate for your digitigrade feet and long tail. Even worse, your shirts had been replaced by a collection of backless tops that wouldn’t get in the way of your wings.
You put on the clothes with strange easiness, with every passing moment you seem more used to your new body, checking your look in the mirror. You ran a paw through your hair a couple of times, brushing it on quickly.
You checked your bag to find your school books, makeup, and extra clothes. You inspect the makeup for a moment, surprising yourself as you immediately recognize their names and how to use them. You apply some black eyeliner on your eyes and a gorgeous shade of matte red lipstick with a skilled easiness that surprised yourself.
"Don’t forget about your flight classes after school!" Your mom cautioned as she put a plate of pancakes and meat in front of you.
You wolfed down the breakfast eagerly.
"You missed two of your last classes," your mother went on. "I know it can be bothersome, but you can’t go flying around without your license anymore."

Written by ashley-natter on 21 July 2019

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