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“I'll just take a look for myself.” Dan tossed back the covers and slid himself out of bed before his friends' jaws had a chance to hit the floor. Standing up was easy. It felt natural to have the tail hanging behind him. “I thought standing would be harder than it was.” Dan looked behind him, staring at the thick grey tail that was acting as a balancer for his new body form.
“Your tail is like a third leg, it would be your instincts kicking in to use it.” Jake spoke up, sounded smarter than he usually did. Dan was too shocked to do anything but stare at him, maybe he likes kangaroo's too? Dan was starting to wish he had shared his interest with his friends.
“What anime did you learn that from?” David laughed, Jake stood up a little straighter and stared David down.
“I learned that from the discovering channel, thank you very much.” Jake said, sounding very proud of himself.
“You watch the discovery channel?” Gassen asked, his one brow lifted in an arch.
“I like having it on when I work on my comics.” Jake shrugged, and pointed at Dan. “Which is why you should look more at your front then your back.” Jack then pointed his finger down at his own stomach. Dan took the hint and looked down at himself. Completely naked, Dan noticed for the first time he was nude, and was that wrong for a humanoid kangaroo? Dan didn't know. What he did notice was that things were completely different from the male self that he knew.
“The name Dan works either way,” Gassen said, his voice soft and gentle. Maybe he was trying to soften the blow of his change as Dan touched the obviously empty pouch where a joey to grow. He, or rather she; if Dan cared to dwell on the idea of sex, was far from uncomfortable. Everything about him now felt right, and just. Nothing felt broken, nothing felt bruised. Dan felt like the chosen one who had taken the right pill, making his life meaningful and full of sense for the very first time.
“My ears are so soft.” Dan reached up and touched her, he reminded himself that he was her now; long ears. Her head was fully anthro, as Jake was bound to call it. Her body felt human but with obvious changes, with the pouch and fur. Her hands remained the same too, but less masculine and more delicate and soft fur covering the outside. Turning her hands over she noticed the palms had changed to a soft black, like a cat or a dog.
“Your boobs are also smoking.” Jake ignored Pammy, and looked perfectly normal for a guy who saw his best friend turn into a female kangaroo. “Large, and perky, way more than any guy could hope for.” Jake gave him two thumbs up. Pammy stormed over and gave Jake a smack to the back of his head.


“Ow,” Jake whined, “What was that for?” Rubbing his head he looked at Pammy who had flames shooting from her eyes. Dan looked down to the mentioned breasts. They were large, but she didn't feel the weight of them. Cupping them in her hands, they overflowed her palms. How did she miss this when checking over her new pouch?
“Ngh,” It was Dan's turn to whimper as she brushed the tips of her rougher palms. They're more sensitive to touch then Dan would've thought. Not that he had any experience to go on before this. She had not been very popular as a guy.
“I'll get you a top.” Pammy ran to the other side of the room, diving into her closet.
“Not that they'll fit.” Jake said getting slammed by both David and Gassen at the same time.
“Stop it,” they both said in unison.
“Unless you want Pammy to kill you?” David pointed out.
“Unless you want me to kill you.” Gassen said, rolling his shirt sleeves up in a rare act of battle bravo. He was more prone to exotic ladies man, then backyard brawler.
“What? Have the hots for Dan now?” Jake said, dodging a swipe from Gassen.
“Here, largest one I have.” Pammy tossed a pale pink oversized pj top at Dan. Ignoring the boys, as they tumbled across the floor for no real reason. Dan hadn't really thought it stupid until now. I guess it was because she was always in the thick of it herself. She put on Pammy's shirt without a word, not wanting to cause a fuss, but a little upset at how she had been left out of the tussle that even David had managed to get involved in.
“Damn shame.” Jake muttered from a headlock, as Dan's head poked out of the shirt hole.
“Jake!” All three of them yelled at him this time. Jake turned his head and started to whistle, pretending innocence; like that ever worked. Gassen let him go, and David hit him in the head hard, before moving away.
“What now?” David asked, pointing out the biggest thing, which was what to do now?
“I have an idea.” Jake lit up, Dan wasn't sure what the idea was, but he was better than nothing; wasn't it?

Written by Psto1464 on 17 March 2022

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