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“Excellent,” she said. Her eyes gleamed with glee. “Now, do me a favor, my dear Daniel. Lift up your shirt a little, please. You don’t need to disrobe or anything, I just need your shirt raised a tad.”


Daniel frowned. “I beg your pardon?”


She rolled her eyes. “Lift up your shirt. I’m not asking to ogle your physique, I’m asking for a very simple reason: your… what do you call them? Belly button? Yes, your belly button. I need it in order to do what must be done.”


Daniel thought he’d misheard her. “I’m… sorry?”


The spirit rolled her eyes. “Don’t ask questions, just do it, if you please.”


“Um… but why?” Daniel asked.


“How else am I going to merge with you, to give you my gift?” the spirit asked, mildly amused. “You humans are so strange at times, I swear.” She shook her head and gave him an impatient stare. “Humor me, would you? The belly button is the perfect spot for me to enter you, as it’s the center of your body, the center of your being. It’ll make sense later, trust me on that.”


Daniel was baffled by this demand, but, given that he had kind of already agreed, he didn’t exactly know what to do other than hike his shirt up. He wasn’t the skinniest person around, nor was he entirely chubby, but somewhere in the middle. Still, this was by far the weirdest request he’d ever gotten, which was saying something considering the whole ‘there’s a wolf spirit thing that wants to give him super powers’ thing.


Her golden eyes shot to his navel when he finished, and she grinned toothily at it. “My thanks. Now, hold still and try not to freak out. What will follow will be quick and painless, and it’s all part of the process.”


Before Daniel could ask what the heck she even meant, and how that was supposed to help her in any way, shape, or form, the wolf woman’s body began to melt away, reverting back into a mass of blackness. Daniel could only watch in wide-eyed shock as she winked at him, before the black mass shot down, right into his navel. He felt it enter him; it was like a wave of warmth filled his entire belly, only to quickly spread through the rest of his body within seconds.


Daniel couldn’t react; he was frozen in place as this happened, like there were invisible ropes pinning him down. And by the time his body could move, the mass was gone, having vanished inside of him.


Daniel sucked in a sharp breath of air. He collapsed backwards onto his bed, his legs weak and his chest heavy. His heart raced, and he could barely breathe right for a moment. He blinked, staring up at the ceiling. His vision blurred. Thunder erupted outside his window, and lightning flashed once more, and Daniel’s body started quivering.

Written by Hollowpages on 20 April 2019


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