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"Nope" you say going back to the previous room. Luckily the room is still empty.
You head up the stairs to find someone waiting for you.
"I bet you have many question" she says.
"Why do I look like a rat?" you ask.
"That is the taint from the dungeon. It will be consumed in preference to your humanity." She explains.
"What is this place?" you ask.
"This is the rat dungeon. It is the easiest dungeon we know of. Of course the amount of taint is to low for the more experienced of us" she says. "You should be fine for a couple of days with your experience and that amount of rat"
"You just let rats attack me on purpose?" you ask in shock.
"It is the most effective way for new people to gain enough taint" she says shrugging.
"Anyway it is time to welcome you to the guild"
You are taken to a small dining room with comfortable chairs. The guild members sit around a large table. A group of three people bring meat skewers to the table while another person brings some drinks.
"Please, sit" the lady says gesturing to an empty chair.
"So, today you become one of us. Today you become a rat" she announces to the table at large.
The rest of the guild members chant in a sing song voice.
"One of us, one of us, one of us, one of us" they chant.
The lady leads the chant for a few seconds before stopping.
"We have a few new traditions for new members. The first is the toast" she says raising her glass.
"To our newest member, May you always find what you are looking for" she says.
You clink glasses with the lady and take a sip of your drink. It's surprisingly sweet, like tea and honey.
She takes a seat and the meats are passed around the table while you compliment the food.
After partying for many hours the guild members head off to bed. Eventually you are pointed to a door and behind that door is a bed

Written by Ai Dungeon on 23 April 2021

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