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You glance upon the snow leopard costume, noting the lack of male genitalia on this costume, similar to the rest.


Well, if you had to choose...


Your fingers grasp upon the silky-smooth fur of the dappled pelt that you pull up, the tail and feet dragging on the floor as you lift the leopardess from her box.
The snowy off-white pelt is actually quite beautiful, punctuated almost by a master artist's brush with perfectly spaced spots, simply the incredible attention to detail that went into whomever created this costume takes your breath away.


You turn the suit over in your hands, but there does not appear to be a zipper or any form of conventional methods. The inside of the suit's body is separated by a long seam that runs from the back of the suit's neck down to the tail; exactly along the spine.


Deciding to take the plunge headfirst you duck into the suit's mask, arranging the latex-tasting creature's head in your mouth and work the jaw a few times to arrange it properly against your tongue.
The sensation is strange but not terribly obstructive or unpleasant. You decide to go for the arms, taking them one at a time and slipping them on like long sleeves, feeling around for a few moments and arranging each of your fingers in the separate, respective gloved paw-hands that the suit has for them.
Surprise lingers at the edge of your mind.
You're not sure what you expected... paws, perhaps?


Glancing down you notice the most prominent two of six total breasts as perky as a human female, though considerably furrier. You run your pawed hands over them but all you feel is the soft material of latex as the hollow breastforms dimple under your touch.
Obviously. Again, not sure what you expected.


You sigh and decide to quit fooling around with the suit, stepping in first with your right leg, pulling the sleeve of the snowy leg up until your sole fits snugly in her foot, then you repeat the process with your right leg.


As soon as you are fully inside the suit, you feel a tightness gripping your midsection, and a firm pressure gripping the base of your spine, your face, and your extremities.
You panic, clutching behind you at the seam to try and pry yourself out of the suit, but with a sinking realization you find that the seam is closing upon itself, your fingers pushed away by the vacuum-tight seal that has your body firmly in its grasp.


Your tail spasms and twitches as you convulse, falling to your knees as your fingers ache, claws slipping out of each of your fingertips as the pain of your feline claws emerging for the first time is upon you.
Your toes feel this same ache, digging small grooves in the floor as you grip your skull, the sensation like the worst headache you've ever experienced...!


You scratch yourself with your new claws, but the pain between your new claws is so great that you feel that if you were to relinquish your grip on your head, your brain would explode. As it is, you are only trying to contain the insurmountable pressure between your ears for a few more seconds before it splits your head in two!


And then, without tapering or waning, the pressure abruptly stops. You gasp, your new muzzle opening as your teeth still ache from being gritted so forcefully by your new predatory jaw muscles.


Your ears swivel as you blink your eyes, feeling... what your costume feels.
No. Rather, you can feel your new body reacting as you move it, the fur on your pelt rippling as you flex your toned figure, your whiskers twitching as you turn your head, craning your neck to get a better look at your new snow leopardess body.


You start to breathe deep lungfulls of air and wipe your forehead, despite the fact that your situation does not improve in the slightest.
How do leopards stand having so much fur? You feel like you are burning up!

Illustrated by RaiinbowRaven

Written by PappaGobbastoppa on 15 June 2014

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