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You turn to face the one who seemed to help you. You look and see an elf, you can tell by the fairness of her skin, the length of her hair, and the look of wisdom in her eyes. But it was mainly from the points in her ears.


As you gawk at her, she comes over to you. When she comes within 2 feet of you, she looks you right in your eyes, and then punches you in the face, knocking you out cold.


You wake up. At first you start to wonder where you are, but then you feel a pain in your jaw and face. You feel it and more pain comes from the touch.
Clearly that elf busted you jaw, and you nose as far as you can tell.


You survey the room that you woke up in, finding bars for one wall, and bricks for the remaining three. It appears that you woke up in a jail cell. You recount what actions you did to put you in this cell, and then remember that the fight that you clearly started is the reason you are here.


You here a noise, and immediately get into a defensive stance for hand-to-hand combat.


What now?

Written by Umassday on 25 April 2006

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