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Daniel tried to calm down and he looked into the mirror again. He was undoubtedly turned into some sort of large half eagle – half lion. That triggered some memory. Griffon, was the creature´s name. As far as he knew, griffons were extremely rare beasts which had head and wings of an eagle and lion´s body. But people can´t just turn into some animals, right? However, he was griffon right now and the only explanation was that those men turned him to one either by the green content of the syringe, or by something else which happened after Daniel lost his consciousness.


But what should he do now?


Then he remembered that he didn´t go to the military complex alone.


Oh, shit! Guys!


Daniel rushed to the door, accidentally bumping into pieces of the furniture on his way. His friends went with him and who knows what happened to them? They were still in the complex at the midnight and they were having the same dreams. Maybe those men attacked them too! Maybe they were turned into some weird mutants too! They were only few rooms away from Daniel when They came. What if something happened to his friends too? Daniel simply had to find out and he rushed out of his flat.

Written by lulu-illussions on 23 March 2017

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