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You turn to find a beaming teenager hopping up and down. "Did you see the movie?" she says. "I can't wait for the sequel!"


You say, "Yeah! That part with the guy dodging all those flame jets while the rock music played -- that was so neat!"


So you stick around in the foxes' world for another year till the sequel comes out. In the meantime you collect the novel, the tie-in video game, and the backstory comic book series. Zellon Fabrosi is so dreamy as the were-ape overlord, and his character's totally misunderstood except in the backstory that gets into his relationship with the sorceress.


Your patience is rewarded when the sequel hits theaters. "Legend of the Chalice: Shamblela's Curse". You give a delighted "squee!" when Zellon swings into action just when the hero's about to get stabbed, and it's like his soul is torn by guilt over stealing the Amulet of Shambela, so you can't tell whether he's really a good guy or a bad guy right till the end but then he kisses Ristaa and gives that amazing grin...!


Whoa, it looks like there's going to be another sequel about him and Ristaa, and they're looking for a new lead actress! Squee!

Written by Snow on 24 May 2010

The end (for now)

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