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“I'll deal with my anger and frustration.” You decided out loud. You didn't like how as soon as you lost your temper, this power took over you. If this could go on for years then you were bound to get mad at the situation, take it out of someone; even if you didn't mean it. Your figure it's easier to apologize for a misplaced word, then a flaming fist to the face.


“I can still lose my temper though, right?” You ask and when Renamon just looks at you, you quickly add to the question. “I'm mean, I can occasionally yell and like kick something?” She just continues to stare. “I'm just going shut up now.” You finish, you can just figure it out later, on your own. Without the judgmental stares.


“Let's get away from the house. I don't want you to damage it.” Renamon turned and walking away from you. You quickly follow behind.


“Good luck mom-ma's boy!” You hear Rika call out, you raise a paw but couldn't respond or you would lose track of Renamon.


“So how do we begin?” You ask, yet again. As you stand a few meters away from the house.


“Now that we're alone. I must ask you something.” Renamon faced away from you and then turned her head to look out you.


“You'll never get home.” Renamon turns on you. “You weak and pathetic. Rika was right about you your nothing but a pathetic mom-ma's boy.” Renamon paused, “If your even human that is?” Your body trembles, and your temple throbs has each question stabs at your insecurities.


“I thought we've been though this already.” You ground out though clenched teeth. You were angry, okay, you're beyond angry; you're pissed. You wouldn't act on it, nope not you, you are the king of calmness. You might shake with the effort to hold yourself back but you would. You had this figured out she's trying to anger you, but you would remained cool. You would prove you could deal with your
anger. You are not a child.


“Impmon can't do much, all he can do is taught you.” Renamon waves a hand dismissing your words, you. “You see how easily I dealt with him. Rita could deal with alone, as long as he fought fair. That's why she's my Tamer.” You were not going to lose it. Nope not you. Maybe if you focus on the way were you grinding your teeth you could loosing up your tense shoulders.


“Rita is only eleven in human years, you are younger than her with the way your acting. I will not go hard on a mere child.” Renamon turns around and faces you fully. “Perhaps you should give up on going home if your human.” Renamon says softly with a voice full of condescension. You can feel
that swirling mass of power starting in the pit of your stomach. It felt warm and it was getting hotter. You start taking deep even breaths, remembering hearing from somewhere that it's suppose to help calm you.


“If you're a digimon, count your blessings you managed to digivole to Renamon, on your own and go back to whatever digiverse you come from.”


Renamon places a paw on your shoulder. You watch the yellow fur paw land slowly there before you snap, slapping it away. You feel that warmth in you gut stretch and spread throughout your body. It was hot, boiling hot, you could feel the tips of your claws tingle from the sensation. You get lost it, it feels great. The build up of power and it wants out. Surly, you think that would feel even better?

Written by psto1464 on 14 August 2017


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