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Her peers seemed less interested in that than how it repeatedly exposed her pantie-clad rear with every twitch. Daniel realized dignity was already a lost cause, so reached back to undo the clasp in her skirts rear hem. With a bit of hurried fidgeting, and a lot more underwear flashing, she managed to work the massive tail through its designed hole in her garment. It must have been some miracle that did not get teachers and bus drivers screaming rage at her undignified performance.


"Wow, you must have been in a hurry to forget to button your tail." Pammy leaned in with a knowing grin. "Or are the boys bribing you to still flash the school?"


"Still!?" Daniel parroted with her face redder than a Christmas light. She had wondered if her friends were going to act differently like her parents, but had not expected something lewd. Thoughts raced for any excuse to change the subject, choosing to go with whatever poured out her mouth naturally. "Come on, Pam, you know there's only so much of my ass these sheep can take before they realize how lower class they are. It's why we got to do the new dare today, right? Incidentally, when we going to be going over the specifics?"


Yeah, that felt pretty good to say. Daniel even felt a swell of pride seeing Pammy grin with amused respect for the retort.


Wait, no, that was not pride she felt swelling.


Daniel stiffened as she felt her bra shift. Ignoring whatever Pammy answer to her questions, she tried not to be conspicuous about turning her gaze downward. Sure enough, she could feel the spandex of her supporting undergarment getting tighter around her chest. A chest that was filling out with so much rapidly developing flesh and fat cells. With each breath, Daniel could see her shirt tent further away from her until it created a reasonably impressive shelf for a teenagers bosom.


Written by DesmondFallout on 15 October 2018


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