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The voice calls out from the dark. "And if you don't have your phone, how are you going to call them?"


Daniel felt a chill run down his spine his eyes darting around the room "Where is it?" he asked.


"It is where you left it. It is you who is elsewhere" the voice says .


The voice seemed to be coming from everywhere, it was impossible to pinpoint the source. He looked around the room. The walls were now transparent. A grey fog was slowly consuming the room. Daniel was standing there, staring at the fog, he couldn't see anything inside it. It was like a solid wall of grey, there was no way through it.


He needed to get out, he turned to look for the door. It was gone. The fog was now above the floor. "No! No! NO!" Daniel screamed, stuck on top of the bed. Turning to the eyes he gulped "What is happening?" he asked.


"You are in a place that does not exist. You are in between worlds. There are many portals to other planes of existence. Some are easy to notice, some are subtle, but all are dangerous, because they lead to places that should not be disturbed."
"Why am I here?"


"When the five of you were exploring the base you stumbled across something you shouldn't have. Your souls had to be recovered from the last good state. Now we have to make some decisions quickly. Would you prefer to retain your body or your friends? And how many changes can we make to keep the five of you together? "


He blinked "What are you talking about?"


The voice responds "We need to put you in a new life. The more flexibility we have the better we can do. But you must make a decision now, or it will be completely random "

Written by Novel Ai on 29 July 2022

The end (for now)

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