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     Unfortunately, you have no idea what a digimatridemondevilfoxwolf or whatever is! Luckily, on your wrist is a locator from Granpa on it with the Kanji on the back that reads "Pink Fairy Princess" but that *you* think means "For Great Justice!"
     "To Google!" You warble.
     Utilizing the latest meta-web surfing technology you call upon the power of Google Images, which tells you you're essentially Keaton from Zelda in a weird outfit. Sleeves dragging on the floor and accumulating cave dust at an alarming rate, You exit the cave into the bright sunlight!
     Outside, some guy is throwing this weird computer thing, which then explodes and then birds fly out. There's a mutant armadillo shooting flaming wedding cakes while prepubescent girls merge into its body spouting platitudes about teamwork and the struggle that unites us all. Now the boy is collecting butterflies and powering up what he's calling Maverick Schisms to induce Forage Level twelve, and the plants start screaming.
     It's clear that you have entered a realm of madness, impenetrable except for the zealots induced into the clan from an early age. You can feel your brain rapidly smoldering away.

Written by Mr.Peaches on 12 April 2009

The end (for now)
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