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The walks to the store passes by, the only odd thing is the stares of the people as you walk by. "My flatmate works here, we may be able to get you a good deal"


She leads you into the store and finds her flatmate who comes over to look at you "Do you have any money to buy the clothes?" the flatmate asks.


You tilt your head in surprise as you find this a strange thing to ask a sphinx. "Where would I keep it? I don’t exactly have pockets."


"How did you expect to pay?" she asks you.


"A riddle" you say, grinning as you think of the best brain teasers in your arsenal


"That won’t put food on the table will it" she says.


"I could hunt food for you?" you say "I am a mighty sphinx after all." You show off your mighty wings and pose triumphantly.


The woman however doesn’t appear to be buying it. "...Hunt food?"


"And you could even live rent-free at my temple. It has everything you need. I just need people to ask riddles too. "


They smile "And how far away is your temple?"


"It is only a short flight away"


"And how will we get there? We cannot fly."


"I can fly you there, don’t you worry about details like that"


Written by on 18 December 2014

The end (for now)

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