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“Okay Decatur, let’s go fishing.” You said as he stumbled down the stairs with arm fulls of fishing gear. You saw him struggling and decided to grab a fishing poll, some bags of bait, as well as a large net for catching even larger game. Apparently he wanted to go big after going home. He smiled brightly as the two of you quickly ran out of the house, leaving his parents back at home to continue whatever it is they were doing beforehand.
The trip back to the river seemed to be a lot shorter than the trip there; it didn’t even seem to take the two of you very long to set up your fishing gear, but the excitement of the moment seemed to take you both over as you clumsily prepared everything for the perfect fishing endeavor.
“So your parents were the king and queen?” you said to him, looking over from your seated position. Watching the water there wasn’t much else to do but talk, so you seized the moment as best as you could.
“Uhh, yeah, but they’re not the coolest parents around.” he said, trying not to make any more eye contact than needed.
“Seemed pretty cool to me!” you shrugged, “ why don’t they seem to roll with you then?” you said, trying not to be too dismissive. This seemed to prod him in the right way, getting him to open up way faster than you previously anticipated.
“They really suck butt, they keep trying to get me to marry for the kingdom, but I’d rather just do it for love. Heck! I’d rather not even marry anytime soon.” he said before laying back and gazing up at the fluffy white clouds hanging over you both. “I’d rather just lay around and fish than to get married. That’s what we’re all about anyway.”
For some reason, you seemed to empathize with what he was saying. Maybe it was your own upbringing, though it was way more strict than this. You leaned back alongside him and watched the clouds as you two waited for a bite. Time passed as you two continued to talk, and this gave the two of you a moment in time to actually connect, before long you both realized that it was probably fate bringing you both together. When you looked at him, you could see your future in his eyes, and you both desired to even runaway together, but his loyalty to the kingdom kept him there.
“Why don’t we get to know each other some more? I can stay with your family for a while, since I’m so far away from mine.” you suggested, and like that it was set. You moved in with him and his family for a while, learning their culture over time, and slowly growing to appreciate this lifestyle.
You lived your life frolicing around with your new best friend, growing old and becoming a partner in rulership in this no-longer-novel kingdom. His parents took really well to you, due to your highborn upbringing, which worked well for you. They seemed to really adopt you into their family, even dropping their desires for Decatur to find a proper lover for some reason.
By the time you had realized what was going on, it was already too late. Well known to his parents, but unbeknownst to you, the both of you were young and in love, and it only seemed to grow the more you were together. From the moment you both laid next to each other along those beautifully reflective banks to the day you both were together across from each other at the altar, saying your vows, you had been truly happy with this young man, and having the chance to truly get to know him, it seemed as if he loved you too.
The day of your wedding was the happiest day of your life, and when you finally had the chance to kiss the groom, you realized that the beautifully tailored wedding dress was actually your next transformative costume. This one had seemed to be remodeled to merely look like a wedding dress, but clearly it was chopped up and tailored into something else.
Regardless of this, as you remained there locked lips with your lover, you began to feel the fibers of the short sleeved dress creeping down your arms; their fibers began to intertwine into the fibers of your being, and you began to glow as if you were a star. Happier than ever you felt at peace as you slowly transformed into your next species. You opened your eyes to see the love of your life slowly fading away as bright balls of light flew into the sky, your heart beat with excitement and happiness as you finally realized what it took for you to reach your next level of being.

Written by Driftingdragon on 28 August 2020

The end (for now)

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