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You hessisate and a name comes into your head "Annipe" you say.


The queen nods "Daughter of the Nile. Well Annipe I will leave you to my library. I know how much sphinxes love books."


She walks away and heads into a wall. Walking over you find no trace of a door or any hint as to where she might of gone.


You walk over to the entrance to the library. Inside for a brief period is blackness until the light turns on. The room is filled with shelves. The only walkway are on the floor a long way below. Your instincts pick up the updrafts coming from the floor.


You take off and float on them looking at all the books, each one seemingly big enough and sturdy enough that even your paws are able to grab them.


Each shelf seems to be on a certain subject. But which one do you look at first?


Written by catprog on 08 June 2016


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