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You pieced together random circles, squares, glass panes, and metal scraps for weeks on end, running various tests and trials before you finally came up with the best product possible for your company. A newfangled vehicle!
The wheels were slender and light, the frame of the car was sleek and shiny as the windows reflected your own image. You spent hours gazing at your latest creation. Or maybe it was just your reflection. In the time you wasted posing in the reflective glass, you noticed your hair was growing quite long and unkempt due to your time working tirelessly for every waking hour of your time. It was truly exhausting compared to the life you were typically used to, of leisure and relaxation. Somehow you couldn't help but wonder why you were being worked so hard by the company, but the opportunities which were now opened to you didn't even allow you a second thought towards the matter.
A few weeks after, the unveiling party was just around the corner. Just as before, you were running to and fro just to make ends meet for the enormous event, which had gained even more attention than the ball, hosted just prior. The stress was just now starting to be felt.
One day an associate and CEO of your company had approached you with a new list of things to do.
"Greetings young princess, you have completed the assessment for the rest of the week?" He had a slinky smile spread across his face as he spoke to you about the planning. "I assume you are not going to be able to make it to the meeting tonight, due to the planning and the unveiling" he asked, sounding synthetically solemn.
"I'm afraid not, but I will be there after my speech tonight." You replied
"That's good to hear, my princess" he gave a quick bow before looking up at you once more and continuing. "I hope though, that you have prepared your final say on the product, as you have been briefed on prior" you were taken aback, not sure if you have even heard anything about the 'final say' you weren't even sure if you had even attended the meeting associated with it. What will you do?

Written by Driftingdragon on 20 September 2020

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