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Mark gave the his two comrades a look. A plan still forming in his mind.


“We were lucky the beasts of this land didn't eat our last resources of food. But we are not safe here. We must move from here and camp else where.”


John looked over the land as if to stake out a path they should take, but before a decision was made Dan interrupted.


“Maybe we should split up.” He said pointing left. “I'll go left, John you go right, and Mark can choose where he goes.” Dan suggested.


Mark's eyes glared at his comrade. “I'm the leader and will not be having you make decisions for the group over my head.”


Dan gave a challenging look of his own. “We can cover more ground if we are not stuck following you around like we have for the past three days.” he snapped.


“What do you know about leadership!” Mark remarked bitterly.


“Enough to know we can't keep doing the same thing and expect a different result!” Dan challenged getting right in Mark's face.

Written by GoldenAltaira on 03 October 2017

Both Split up

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