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“NOOOOOOOO!!” this is a nightmare! This must be a nightmare! You can’t be dead! You’re… changed to a half-bear-woman but you’re not dead!


Are you?


Screaming that loud and long ‘no’ you run away from the other half-bear who just greeted you. You don’t want to hear him (you think it’s a ‘he’ since that other bear have no plump chest like what you have) saying anything like ‘this is where you’ll spend your eternity’ or ‘God has chosen you to be a half-bear in the afterlife’ or whatever words that will ensure your death.


You’re not dead, damn it.


You must be dreaming. A bad, weird dream. That’s why everything is so strange. The bear costume, the spaceship that’s not in a space, everything! All you need to do is to wake up and everything will be alright! So wake up!


“Wait! Don’t go outside! It’s dangerous!” slapping yourself awake didn’t work and you definitely will not going to hear what the other bear is yelling at you from the distance. The grey-red door slid open when you’re running toward it so the danger must be a lie. Who would not lock a door if it’s dangerous outside?


Or so you thought as you ran out toward that green, calming, silent meadow.

Written by kelingking2 on 02 May 2016

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