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Daniel took a second glance at his surroundings and after a few moments of consideration, decided to continue in the direction he was facing. He crawled slowly, trying to be careful of the mishmash of cables smothering the passage.


It wasn’t a comfortable way to travel. His feet grew increasingly clumsy as the tunnel stretched on. They banged violently against the floor and walls, reaching much farther than he even thought they could. They were also starting to cramp painfully inside his felt tight. In fact practically everything felt tight. His chest still felt tight, his back was beginning to ache from being so hunched over, and he could never get a deep enough breath of air. Part of him worried that he’d made the wrong decision by closing himself in. The other part refused to believe that so he kept crawling. Besides other exits popped up above him every so often so it’s not like he was permanently trapped...right?




Daniel’s nails kept scratching against the metal, sending chills up his spine with their accompanying screech. He could’ve sworn he’d cut them just a couple days ago. An insanely irritable itch was harassing his hand too and it suddenly occurred to him that the strange plant he’d run into might not have been as harmless as it seemed.


“Fantastic.” His murmur came with an unexpected squeak and he clamped his mouth shut in surprise, fiercely biting the inside of his lip. He slammed his fist onto the floor, growling in frustration. Once again his nails scraped against the ground. He groaned meekly and focused his attention back in front of him.


A low hanging wire dangled in front of him. It’d be a bit of a squeeze but he knew he could pass under it easily enough. He lowered himself closer to the floor carefully and inched forward. His nose barely passed through before he felt an odd pressure on his head and a blaring alarm went off.


Written by Flutterbest on 26 December 2017

The end (for now)

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