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“It’ll be fun,” they said. “It’ll be cool,” they said. Well… so far it’s not that fun, and it’s certainly not seeming very cool for Daniel, in fact, he feels a little bored with the whole idea, but then again… it sort of was his idea to begin with; so why should he even complain?


Gassan, a foreign-exchange student from Lebanon who happens to be one of Daniel’s newest and closest friends, decided that it would be neat to experience something like this. After all, it was only a dare.


Pammy and David, who were dating at the time, had a reputation to uphold. They were what the other students would call “the popular” people.


If Pam and David were to turn down something this simple, what would everyone think of them?


“It is only a dare, I believe it will be fun to explore it!” says Gassan in his Lebanese accent, “Is this not what you do on weekends? Hanging out and having fun?”


“Yeah,” says Daniel, looking over at the two lovebirds leaning against the school building; David kisses Pammy on her neck and watches her giggle, “When we aren’t doing things like that, in public!” he yells, kicking a loose pebble over to David’s shoes.


“Easy there, twerp!” David teases playfully, “These are new! Anyway… what was the dare again?”


Daniel crosses his arms, “We’re supposed to spend the night in that old military complex thing outside town.”


“Ew,” Pammy complains, “I don’t want to sleep anywhere where I can’t shower! There’s probably no lights on, how am I supposed to do my hair?”


“It’s only one night, besides, you look pretty no matter what,” David sucks up, snuggling his little Pammy again, “So you gonna come with?”


“Oh… fine. I guess,” says Pammy.


Since then it was settled. The four would spend the night in the abandoned complex. Rumors had it that the place was haunted. A lot of people could swear they heard ghosts or even things that sounded like gunfire.


Others experienced something completely different. Some say their desires were heightened, like they were tempted to do or say things they never thought they would do or say. It was as if their bodies were taken over. It was as if… the longer they stayed, the more susceptible to the strange entities they would become.

Written by Sparrow the Wolf on 25 April 2015

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