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He picked up a pair and held them out curiously. He was familiar with women’s underwear, of course, but the prospect of putting them on was uncomfortably foreign. He noticed that the back of the waistband had a hole going through it. Above it was a clasp like that on a bra. He realized that it was for his skunk tail to fit through and that all of the other pairs had the same feature. A sigh left him as he unclasped the panties and brought them down to his feet. He stepped into the leg holes and pulled them up his furry legs. Without thinking, he pulled the tabs on the clasp around and over his tail. With a deft shift of his fingers the clasp bar slid into the holder, locking the underwear into place.
He blinked. Did I just do that? He looked down at his back and saw the underwear neatly wrapped around his waist. It was like he had done it a thousand times, and that was because he had done it a thousand times, several thousand, in fact. Just like putting on any other article of clothing, putting the panties on was accomplished purely by muscle memory. Now that the underwear were on him, they didn’t feel unnatural at all. “Huh,” he said out loud.
He noticed his bras stacked nearby. With his curiosity peeking, he plucked one up to perform an experiment. He closed his eyes and put the bra on. His arms went through the openings, the cups hugged his chest, and he closed the clasp onto his back. His eyes opened and looked down. Everything was perfect. “Holy shit!” he chuckled.
“Everything OK in there?” Maria called out.
“Yeah!” Jared said, smiling from ear to ear. “Everything’s awesome in here!” Who knew putting on women’s clothes could be so fun!
“Alright! Let me know if you need help with anything!”
It was only a few minutes ago that Jared thought he’d need help with everything, but that turned out to be false. He put on the rest of his outfit while grinning like an idiot. What he ended up with was just a white tank top and some jeans, but looking at himself in the mirror he saw the coolest outfit he’d ever had the pleasure of putting on. There was close to an entire 10 minutes spent bouncing and dancing his big fluffy skunk tail out behind him before Maria called to ask if he was OK again.
“Oh yeah! I’m fine,” called out the skunkette admiring herself in the mirror. Not Jared the he, but Jasmine the she.
She wandered out of the bathroom and back into the living room where Maria was sitting on the couch reading a magazine from the coffee table. Jasmine noticed for the first time that the people on the front cover were skunks too. One of his magazines was a National Geographic
depicting a mosaic of Jesus. To his amusement and wonder, he too was a skunk. She chuckled. Skunk Jesus. Cool.
Maria laughed with her. “What’s so funny?”
Jasmine pointed to the magazine. “Skunk Jesus.”
Maria looked down at it and lifted an eyebrow. “Yeah? What about him?”
Jasmine realized that she had just said the equivalent of Human Jesus. “Nothing. It’s just funny seeing him on the magazine like that.”
“Oh, OK.” Maria laughed at the absurdity of it. “Are you high?”

Written by TheGreatJaceyGee on 28 January 2023

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